Dear Ms. Amie Schaefer,

when it came to the point, where I thought about the destination and school I wanted to attend during my semester abroad, there was no real doubt about the fact, that I wanted to go to the United States.
Especially New York has such a strong appeal to me, since I believe that New York City is one of the most creative cities in the world. New York consists of so many different cultures and has this unique history. I personally want to use the opportunity to experience this city, including the many amazing museums and galleries, in a much more profound way, than I could ever do during a short visit; and connect it to my passion: Design.

Fortunately, as a KISD student I might have the chance to visit Parsons the New School for Design during my semester abroad. Your University is in my opinion one of the best design schools in the world and I am incredibly excited to have the chance to be a Parsons student for the fall semester of 2017.
I really like my home university KISD and I think it is a great place for me to grow as a person and as a designer. However, I do believe you cannot bring out the best in yourself and develop, while always staying in your safe spot and not taking further risks. I want to step out of my comfort zone and fulfill my dream, of my personal New York experience.

I want to take this challenge and get to know your view on design education and push myself to successfully attend one semester at Parsons.
Since I am a very visual person, I have therefore decided to apply for the Communication Design department and I am excited to have the chance to learn from all your great personalities. I would like to especially attend a course by Mr. E Roon Kang and learn about visual systems and creative programming. I want to learn more about the field of Digital Product Design, which is for me an important design field I miss at my home university.
I also want to take the chance of using the great labs and studios your school provides to attending students. For example, I am excited to try out different print techniques in the Printmaking Studio and work in the Photo Studios, with the great equipment you have.
Basically, I see the strengths at Parsons in your philosophy of an innovative, creative and critical design education.
Your vision, combined with your great teachers and the possibility to work with your equipment, are amazing for an ambitious design student to experiment with and create impressive work. I want to let myself be inspired by New York City and its people, and develop my visual language further.

Additionally, I want to reflect on my work from a different environment, that I am usually used to, and work together with the students at Parsons. As I already know, that it is possible for guest students to attend courses from different departments, I would also like to combine my interest for Visual Design with other interests of mine, like Interaction Design, Service Design and Photography. I am definitely excited about all the new insights I will be able to gain and all the new people I will have the chance to meet.

I am eager to extend my network of friends and introduce them to my culture, as also get to know their own traditions and culture. I hope that I was able to show you, that I see the chance to study in the U.S., especially at Parsons, as one of the best possibilities to grow as a young upcoming designer. It would be an absolute dream come true for me, if I could call myself a Parson Student for my upcoming semester abroad.

Matthias Grund