Supervised by
Prof. Birgit Mager

Team Members KISD:
Naja Schulz, Katharina Wilting, Joelle Siebenaller, Claus Christoph, Dmitry Kuznetsov

Team Members Shenkar:
Sivan Ibel, Ori Oren

My Role:
Research, Design Process & Interface Design 


This project is the result of the KISD Project "Future Financial Services" in collaboration with Bank Hapoalim and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel. After an intense research phase about traditional and digital banking in Germany, our project group travelled to Tel Aviv for a One Week Workshop with Bank Hapoalim and Students from Shenkar, working together on the banking experience for young Israelis. 
While the briefing was to create a "nice, sexy app" for Millennials, we quickly realized, that we had to reframe our briefing, because of strong emotions between the two stakeholders, which could not be solely solved by a nice-looking interface. 
We then decided to work on the relationship between young Israelis and the bank and created a concept to fix their problems.

We created Help us – Help you, which is a web-platform, where young Hapoalim customers can express themselves and share their ideas on a better banking experience.
The entire community can react to the shared ideas and discuss them, within the platform. The bank is able to see the most important topics, shared by their young customers, with the help of a rating system, and can therefore start to cooperate with the most promising ideas. Bank Hapoalim will in the next step invite the customers, with the best ideas, to a co-creation event in their digital branch in Tel Aviv. During this event, the candidate’s ideas will be further developed, to create actual campaigns, which later will be supported by both the bank and young Israelis themselves. This provides the young customers with the opportunity to team up with their bank and help to improve their own future. This project faces especially the two major pain points of trust and transparency, that Israelis have with their bank, to ultimately improve the relationship between the two.


1. Present your idea to the Community.

2. The Community discusses about the ideas and votes for the best ones.

3. The best ideas will be upgraded to campaigns supported by the bank,

and the community member will be invited to a Co-Creation event.


4. The Co-Creation Workshop is the next big step to turn the people´s ideas into reality. 

With the Information Wall at the digital branches of Bank Hapoalim, the bank can communicate the process within the community, sucessful implemented ideas or other information into the public. This is an important medium to show all Israelis the improvements and the willingness of change.

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This project was part of the Summer Exhibition 2016 at Köln International School of Design and was featured in the KISDAnnual of the Academic Year 2015/16.