Supervised by 
Prof. Paolo Tumminelli

Together with
Alexander Tackenberg

My Role:
Concept, Product Design, Imagery

RAF SIMONS is a fragrance concept for the existing upper class fashion brand Raf Simons.
When creating a new fragrance there are a lot of aspects to consider, since it is not only the concept – or the idea – of a scent, but also the forming of a completely new product look & feel. Therefore, we decided to adapt Raf Simons' rebellious attitude into our scent and worked with the contrast of rough concrete and smooth glass. We created an interaction between fashion, art, the punk movement and the requirements of a high fashion brand.
The packaging itself encourages the customer to act in a rebellious way, since the package can be used as a weapon to execute a rebellious act. The liquid itself is colored with a black tone and underlines our concept.
The result is a statement piece with a unique experience, which combines roughness and nonconformism with high class luxury.

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