Project supervised by
Prof. Dr. Uta Brandes

Alicia Shao, Paul Guddat

My Role:
Concept, Graphic Design

To tackle the growing concern of female empowerment, we decided to put a feminine spin onto a universal power symbol – money. It was brought to our attention, that many currencies around the world lack female heroine, this is particularly true in the United States. Thus, we focused our design topic on redesigning the United States’ currency to make a statement regarding the significance of women in society. First, we replaced the males on the banknotes with influential females from different fields. Moreover, power symbols were added to show their significance in society. Small details such as colors were added for a more feminine touch, while also playing with the concept of cliché. The coin collection was inspired by motherhood, thus the coin ring embraces and surrounds the coin, drawing illusions to pregnancy. Furthermore, the faces of powerful women triumphs the original male faces and forces people to recognize their contributions to society. Together with the banknotes and coins, we created a special collector’s currency, which celebrates women and emphasizes their power and importance in our society. After all, Aristotle Onassis once said, “If women didn‘t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.”

mariecurie_klein Kopiemariecurie_klein Kopie

                                                   1 Dollar: Multiple Nobel laureate Marie Curie for George Washington.


                                                   2 dollars: Oscar winner Penélope Cruz for Thomas Jefferson.


                                                   5 dollars: Superhero Wonder Woman for Abraham Lincoln.


                                                   10 dollars: Media Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey for Alexander Hamilton.


                                                   20 dollars: Vogue Chief Editor Anna Wintour for Andrew Jackson.


                                                   50 dollars: Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg for Ulysses S. Grant.


                                                   100 dollars: Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel for Benjamin Franklin.



This project was part of the Blue + Pink >>> Rethink exhibition at Designxport in Hamburg, Rethink! Gender, Design and Media exhibiton at designtransfer in Berlin and the No Body, Some Body, Any Body Gender-Identitäten Konferenz in Hanover.

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Picture by Julia Schümann/Wolf Fotografie

First picture of the gallery by Julia Schümann/Wolf Fotografie