Agency Website & Refinement for Bel Epok

Agency Website & Refinement
for Bel Epok

Refining the visual identity of the design and communications specialists dedicated to the premium and luxury lifestyle segment.

Branding, Concept, Screendesign & Non-Code Development
(with and for Bel Epok)

Bel Epok consists of four distinct divisions, each with a different focus. The divisions work independently, but can also be seen as building blocks, readily available as additional resources to meet the needs of specific projects.

The agency’s website reflects this “four-in-one” approach, with each division’s site functioning independently but tied together by an introductory landing page.


To celebrate their 20th anniversary Bel Epok created a special 2021 calendar edition. It draws on a selection of 12 of their favorite motifs from the annual year-end posters Bel Epok created since their founding in 2001.


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Matthias' creative practice is based on an integrated approach that flexibly combines creative disciplines, methods and ideas. There is no fixed approach, as each project requires a different iterative process, specific methods and deliverables. Grounded in research and informed by current cultural phenomena, Matthias brings together intuitive ideas and experimentation in a strategic way, working collaboratively to develop creative concepts and implement them in a highly aesthetic way. His practice ultimately translates into commercial brand identities, publications, digital interfaces, marketing and service strategies, as well as artistic research projects.