Feedback System (>200 °C)


>200 °C is a closed feedback system, which combines modern techniques with a poetic perspective of the physical effect: Leidenfrost.

Since the surface of the hot plate is hotter than 200 degrees, the water drops released by valves glide over the surface. A camera tracks the movement of the drops. Each valve is assigned to a field in the 3x3 grid, that splits the plate into zones. If the zone hits a certain level of activity, the assigned valve drops another drop. The tracking provides the opportunity to let the drops create an autonomous system. Thus, the interaction with the valves results into more drops, which will interact with them, as well as with other drops.

The outcome is a chaotic and self-directing system that visualizes the physical movement in an imaginative and aesthetic way.

Practice-Based Research Project, 2015
Concept, Programming, Physical Computing: Kadir Inan
Construction, 3D-Printing: Wookseob Jeong
Concept, Construction, Visual Design: Matthias Grund

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Carolin Höfler & Prof. Andreas Muxel